4 tips to get the highest score in Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is one of those games that, by mistake, you get a great reputation on the network and the overnight, downloads are soaring. Unknown to the developer own the success of this lousy game that is yielding profits of more than 30,000 euros a day .

Despite having a simple and nothing contrived mechanics, it is a game with very high difficulty and is, to go tapping on the screen to make the bird fly and dodge the obstacles that you find along the way .Perhaps some people are pulling their hair and today I bring you some tips to make you look at it with new eyes and go through the records .

1. There is no end

Its something we need to keep in mind. The game is endless and, however well you get to do it, there will always be something you will crash to lose the game. If you are relaxed you make fewer mistakes but keep in mind that to reach very high scores, you need a long time.

2. Improved control the maximum

The game is based on touch control, make sure the screen responds properly (some economic motives make us suffer if we play). It may be necessary to remove the screen saver and clean hands (besides having them dry) for the control is required.

Once you find readyll have to make quick, short, gentle strokes . Will not help you to give blows to the screen and strong movements are slower, something you could lead to failure.

If you have the option to play on a tablet do there in the small mobile screen can be covered with your finger and can not see an object that we will eat once you lift up.

3. Focus and have no pressure

If you are relaxed and awake you can establish a good top . Stay away from distractions and concentrate, do not try it on the street. But one of the best advice I can give is to practice, without pressure, without a specific goal.

This practice will give some advantage angers why automating certain movements that will be key to avoid the pipes. The practice makes perfect .

4. Its just a game, resting occasionally

It is not good that a measly petty game you out of your boxes. When you take one hour practicing, and silly, lose your score, do not kill anyone, it is nothing but a game and nobody is going to pay for exceeding the record .

Another thing that you should consider is rest. If you see youre stuck in the game it is best to rest a while and unlock your brain , later certainly it will be for another.

From here you now have to make one trip , I wish you good luck with that damn bird. Note that some have already reached 33 and even 66 pipes, something that requires a lot of skill in the game. If you are looking for a record soaring you have to start practicing now.

If you want high scores regardless you can also hack the game but that is cheating. That is why I have decided not to include any link to those dark techniques but Google already abound. If you re tired of the game is the best you hit a walk for some other alternative like Angry Bids Go! Or Plants vs. Zombies 2 , a different and more elaborate games.

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